Why Calendula Is Great For Your Skin

Today I want to share about my love for Calendula Flowers. The brightness and vibrancy of these flowers is what catches my eye (and heart) over and over. They stand bright to the sun when it’s at its highest peak, symbolizing its power and pride for all it is. I never knew much about Calendulas, then suddenly I found myself immersed in its plant magic. Did you know calendula flower is an ingredient found in most of our LAB.OTANICA products? To have you glimpse into the magic, I want to share with you the amazing healing powers of calendula.

calendula flower calendula flower

Calendula Flowers are packed with superpowers that are beneficial for your hair and skin. It hydrates and tightens your skin. It is also an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal. Those properties work together to protect your collagen and elastin supply. It also helps strengthen your lymphatic system which fights infections and balances your body fluids. It can calm eczema, and helps heal wounds and burns. As you can see, Calendula is no doubt a Super Hero ingredient at LAB.OTANICA. Try our hand-crafted elixirs today to soak in all the benefits!

calendula flower calendula flower

In the upcoming summer months, we need to make sure we are hydrating our body from the inside out, and outside in. We have formulated a perfect blend of plant magic just for that! Our Ceremonial Body Elixir is sure to keep your skin quenched while firming and regenerating your sun kissed skin. This protective oil supports hydration and softens the body, and is packed with a luxurious, lightweight blend of organic botanical oils. Our skin protects our body’s temple; it holds our being together to experience this beautiful life. So take care of it with your greatest care. Show your body some love by lathering in Ceremonial.

Happy Summer!

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