Shine Bright

Nourish your inner and outer glow with Shine Bright.

☾ Ceremonial Luxury Body Oil

☾ Trust the Journey Intention Candle

Featuring the Trust the Journey Intention Candle and the best-selling Ceremonial Luxury Body Oil, this harmonious blend will bring peace to both your skin and your mind. This candle, infused with Lavender, Cedar, and Mint, invites you to set your intentions as you bask in its warm glow. As you reach new levels of clarity and inner radiance, begin to nourish your outer radiance with the Ceremonial Luxury Body Oil. This non-toxic, skin-loving elixir improves skin elasticity, tone, and firmness while enhancing collagen production, smoothing texture, and reducing inflammation. Let this bundle be your gateway to both inner and outer radiance this winter.