ACV Revival Hair & Scalp Detoxifier
ACV Revival Hair & Scalp Detoxifier

ACV Revival Hair & Scalp Detoxifier

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Allow your crown chakra to blossom.

Superpowers: Wave adios to a flaky, oily scalp, dull tresses, and product build-up! This tonic of fermented raw apples helps to restore and rebalance your scalp and hair's pH level. Detox, balance oil production, and enhance shine with this after or in-between shampoo tonic.

Let this tonic assist in creating a strong foundation for your healthy hair follicles to grow. 

For those of you struggling with flaky scalps, overproduction of oil, inflammation, or other scalp imbalances, let this antimicrobial tonic help you. 
ACV is rich in something called acetic acid. This superhero acid brings hair that is dull, frizzy, and brittle back into balance. ACV shields the skin from bacteria and fungi and can help prevent acne and other skin blemishes that happen on our crown.
Ritual: After shampooing & conditioning, squeeze excess water from hair and spray tonic freely from roots to ends. Wait 30 seconds and rinse with cool water.
Ingredients: Distilled H2O, Apple cider vinegar, and organic Lavender and Rosemary extracts.

Insider Tip: Antibacterial spray after a pedicure or walking barefoot at public spaces.
Comes in an amber premium glass bottle with a spray pump


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