Tester- CEREMONIAL Body Elixir

: Body Elixir
Offer your temple this elixir of protection, and allow your skin to regenerate and re-energize from your roots to your crown.

This protective oil blend supports hydration and softens the body, and is packed with a luxurious, lightweight blend of organic botanical oils. The beautiful and magical thing about our skin is that it is a cocoon for our body’s temple. It holds our being together and provides an amazing sensory experience.

Sweet almond oil and calendula flowers join superpowers to boost collagen, soothe, hydrate, and help heal the skin.
 Avocado oil has long been used by the Aztecs as a fruit with aphrodisiac qualities and richness in antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, biotin, and vitamins A, B-5 & E. Babassu is the beloved cousin of the coconut, and is a moisturizing, firming, cell regenerator with the wisdom to aid in reducing inflammation and redness.

Joyful and uplifting vibrations of wild oranges, and energetic clearing properties of clary sage combine in this transformative body elixir.  

This body elixir is perfect for post dry brushing or after a nice shower to reset and connect with your body.
 Anoint your body temple with this light nourishing oil, channel your divinity, and cleanse your aura.

Sweet Almond (Prunus dulcis) oil infused with Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis),Babassu oil (Attalea martiana)
, Avocado oil (Persea gratissima)
, Moringa oil (Moringa oleifera), Vitamin E, and Essential oils

 ☾ Comes in an 8 OZ premium amber glass bottle with a pump

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