The Tulku Oracle Deck

The Tulku Oracle
Portals into the Wisdom of the Symbols, Totems,
Elements and Archetypes of the Tulku Amulet Collection

The Tulku Oracle deck is a collection of 53 oracle cards that are windows into the wisdom of heart, nature and ancient traditions. The images of the cards include totems, archetypes and symbols—all based on the blessed amulets from the Tulku Jewels amulet collection. They are divided into the five elemental categories of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water—connecting us more deeply into the ways of the natural world and opening our minds to the ways in which our journey is interwoven with the rest of life.

The Tulku Oracle comes with an in depth companion book which includes the symbolism, oracle and teaching of each card.

  •  3.5 x 5 inch cards, 350 gsm card stock Satin matte lamination + matte copper chocolate glitter edges
  •  Magnetic Flap box with 2 magnets and black EVA insert. Cover is full color Satin Matte Lamination with spot varnish. 
  • Book is 5 x 8” approximately 266 pages. Cover is full color, Satin Matte Lamination with spot varnish
  •  Phase two of this project will include recorded guided visualizations and journeys to help others enter into the wisdom realm of each oracle. Stay tuned!