Ceremonial Luxury Body Oil

What it's Good For





What It Is

This non-toxic luxury body oil is formulated to improve the elasticity, tone, and firmness of the skin you live in. It’s known to enhance collagen production, smooth skin texture, and reduce inflammation.

This non-greasy, absorbable elixir deeply moisturizes with our PLANT-BASED OMEGAS, BIOTIN, and ANTIOXIDANTS. Ceremonial Body Elixir is powered by all-natural ingredients, including AVOCADO, BABASU, and MARULA OILS. This clean blend of essential oils is known to boost your mood and elevate your senses. We want to let you in on a secret… Avocados were considered an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs.

How To Use

Create your daily ritual by pumping the elixir onto palms, tap onto skin and gently massage the oil until completely absorbed. We suggest one pump for the lower body and one pump for the upper body. This body luxury body oil is perfect for after dry brushing or a nice shower to reset and connect with your body. anoint your body temple, channel your divinity, and cleanse your aura with this light nourishing oil.

Superpower Ingredients

This body elixir has been known to enhance collagen production, deeply moisturize and BOOST . your skin elasticity, toning and firming the skin you live in . This non-greasy skin elixir is the ultimate skin hydrator. Adios lotion, Hola Ceremonial! Did we mention… it has been known to encourage an aphrodisiac response and enhance joy?


☾ This body elixir is perfect for post-dry-brushing
☾ Great for nail repair and a must for your mani-pedi
☾ Helps to diminish stretch marks
☾ Use in lieu of lotion

ingredients list

Sweet almond(Prunus dulcis) oil infused with calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), babassu oil (Attalea
martiana), avocado oil (Persea gratissima), moringa oil (Moringa oleifera), vitamin E, essential oils


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