Clear-Voyant Facial Toning Mist







Nourish, hydrate, and cleanse your facial aura.

This clear-voyant facial toning mist is known to balance congested, blemished, and inflamed skin with its flower-powered tonic. In addition to tonifying pores and promoting healthy circulation, clear-voyant is a favorite when it comes to hydrating and resetting your glow. It can also be used as a setting makeup spray if you just want a quick refresh or feel dull and dry.


Shake well to activate. After cleansing your face, spritz this flower-power duo as needed, take a deep breath, and feel the shift. Follow with the Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil. Clear-Voyant is great to use any time your skin is feeling dry or dehydrated.


Lavender, with its purple hues and lovely aroma, is a must-have for our skin and emotional wellbeing. We can’t say enough about its superpowers. Lavender hydrosol has been shown to improve circulation and control the redness of blemishes while maintaining your skin’s natural glow. It is also known to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties which allow your skin to feel cleaner over the course of a busy day. With every spray of this detoxifying and balancing floral mist, feel more at peace within as your skin is left quenched and vibrant. This elixir wouldn’t be complete without the magic of Calendula, which eases and soothes inflamed skin while preserving collagen and elastin levels.

Rose, the essential flower, is added to activate the heart chakra and calm inflammation of the skin. If you want to calm redness, hydrate mature skin, and lock in moisture, Clear-Voyant Rose aligns perfectly t with your needs. With every spray of the detoxifying and balancing floral mist, you will return to a loving, energetic state while calming your hormonal mood swings and restoring your natural glow. This potion also maximizes the power of calendula to ease and soothe inflamed skin while sustaining collagen and elastin levels.

Hydrate: Keep your skin quenched and glowing all year round.

Soothe: Relieve redness and inflammation on blemish-prone skin with this beautiful natural antidote.

Tone: Clear-Voyant’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties will cleanse clogged pores and tighten capillaries for those suffering from redness.


☾ Great as an organic makeup-setting lotion
☾ A must if you are traveling on a plane and need skin hydration
☾ A lifesaver during a hot flash


Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia) hydrosol calendula(Calendula officinalis) extracts

Rose (Rosa) hydrosol and calendula (Calendula officinalis) extracts


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