5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

June 23, 2023

5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Hormones profoundly impact almost every single system in the body. If you imagine your body as the kingdom of Olympis from Greek mythology then hormones would be the messenger god Hermes quickly firing off signals which affect everything from appetite to mood. 

Greek ruins

Oftentimes when we think about hormones we think about the reproductive systems in our bodies, but there have actually been more than 50 hormones identified in human beings. 

Hormones are produced in various endocrine glands that are found throughout the body and then travel through the bloodstream in order to regulate the body’s biology. They play key roles in the development of the nervous system, the function of the brain, the reproductive system, metabolism, and blood sugar levels. 

A few examples of important parts of the endocrine system include the ovaries, the testes, the thyroid, the adrenal glands, and the pituitary gland. Ideally, each of these hormone-secreting glands produces the perfect amount of hormones your body needs to stay healthy. 

Unfortunately, certain factors in our modern lifestyles are often hard on the endocrine system, causing our hormones to fall out of balance.

While certain hormones decrease naturally as we age - others are thrown out of balance by chemicals known as endocrine disruptors, which are found in countless mainstream beauty products. 

Sedentary lifestyles, stress, and dietary choices also affect our hormones. Over time, these hormonal imbalances can lead to a whole host of problems like rapid aging, weight gain, anxiety, infertility, and increased risk for diseases. 

With some simple lifestyle changes, it is absolutely possible to bring your hormones into balance so that your body begins to function at its best. Balancing your hormones has so many benefits.

You may experience an easier time shedding excess weight, reductions in stress and anxiety, a sharper mind, better sleep, and even increases in sexual energy and vitality. 

So, here are some tips on how to balance hormones - naturally! 


Eat healthy organic foods and plenty of protein 

whole foods

One of the best places to start when it comes to balancing hormones naturally is with your diet. What you put into your body directly impacts your endocrine system so it’s important to choose natural whole foods and eat organic whenever possible.

Simplify your diet as much as you can, leaving out highly processed foods with tons of chemical additives. 

Another great step in the right direction is to increase your daily protein intake. Protein provides your body with the essential amino acids needed to produce hormones.

Protein has an impact on hormones that control metabolism, stress, and fertility. For example, making sure you’re getting adequate protein will decrease the body's production of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin. 

You should aim to get 20-30 grams of protein per day, according to experts. Organic eggs, fish, lentils, and chicken are some great sources of protein to help balance your hormones naturally. 

It’s also a good idea to cut out or decrease your consumption of certain foods that are known to disrupt hormones. Cutting back on sugar, processed foods, dairy, and caffeine can help! 


Move your body in ways that feel amazing, but don’t overdo it at the gym!


Movement is amazing for the entire body, and it can help to balance your hormones naturally. Exercise increases blood flow which can help deliver hormones to your cells.

It also helps regulate how our bodies handle the hormone insulin. Insulin resistance can lead to problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease and exercise helps to prevent insulin resistance. 

It can also help boost certain hormones that naturally decrease as we age leading to reductions in muscle mass. These include testosterone, DHE, and human growth hormone, amongst others.

While we know exercise is healthy for the entire body, it is also possible that too much exercise can lead to hormonal imbalance. High-intensity workouts can be especially hard on female hormones and can lead to increases in the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline. 

It’s important to find the right balance that works for you. Try alternating workouts between more high-intensity activities like cardio with more gentle movements like yoga or pilates. 


Clean up your beauty cabinet and kick endocrine-disrupting ingredients to the curb 

natural beauty

Did you know that a ton of beauty products actually contain harmful chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors when they enter your body?

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and every single thing you put on is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream - so choose all-natural skincare brands like LAB.OTANICA is crucial for hormonal health. 

Lately, more and more women are feeling empowered to clean up their beauty regimen and opt for safe botanical ingredients instead of products packed with endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogens that can either mimic or interfere with hormone production. 

The United States is way behind the times when it comes to banning toxic ingredients. In Europe, 1,400 different chemicals and toxins have been banned, whereas the United States has only banned about nine. 

A few common endocrine disruptors that you might find in mainstream skincare and beauty products include: 

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Heavy metals
  • Fragrance or perfume
  • BPA
  • Plastic
  • Triclosan

These are ingredients you want to avoid at all costs, as they get sucked right into your bloodstream through your skin where they can then cause all kinds of drama on your endocrine system. Luckily, LAB.OTANICA offers safe, botanical alternatives that are both effective and good for the body! 

If changing up your whole beauty routine all at once feels overwhelming, consider making a few simple switches first. Your cleanser and moisturizer are great places to start as they are generally the first things you put on your skin before makeup. 

Try our Revelation Bi-Phase Rose Cleansing Oil for a gentle botanical face cleanse full of nourishing ingredients and plant magic, and then follow up with a rich oil-based moisturizer like our Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil. 

If you’re a body moisturizer girlie - you’ll definitely want to swap that for a clean alternative right away. Our Ceremonial Luxury Body Oil is the perfect alternative to toxic brands and uses plant power to improve the skin's elasticity, tone, and firmness while smoothing texture and reducing inflammation. 


Consider using herbs that balance hormones


 Herbs are powerful allies when it comes to health and many cultures around the world have used herbs for generations to help balance hormones. A few herbs that will help to balance hormones include: 

  • Ashwagandha - regulates cortisol 
  • Chasteberry - helps balance hormones and reduce PMS 
  • Motherwort - helps reduce menopause symptoms 
  • Dong quai - helps with a variety of hormones and can help with menopause symptoms
  • Raspberry Leaf - helps increase progesterone levels 
  • Fenugreek - great for excess blood sugar 
  • Nettle Leaf - a natural diuretic, this can help flush toxins from the body 
  • Dandelion - great for the liver and helps regulate hormone production and reduce menstrual cramps and hormonal acne 

Hormone balancing tea recipe 


Blending a beautiful cup of hormone-balancing tea can be a ritual of relaxation that benefits the entire body. For a simple but effective hormone-balancing tea blend, try blending together equal parts nettle and raspberry leaf. Steep the mixture in hot water for about 10 minutes and then sip and enjoy. 

Be sure to consult your doctor before using any herbs or supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. *

We wish you joy, self-love, and peace as you begin your journey toward balancing your hormones! 

Pura vida! 

Created in Synergy with Amanda Morgan & Meleesa Luna

Meleesa Ferris
Meleesa Ferris

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