Calendula Plant Magic

August 19, 2023

Photo of Woman with Calendula Flowers in Garden

Calendula plant has been beloved for its healing benefits since the Middle Ages and continues to be widely used today. Here at LAB.otanica, it is one of our favorite botanical superpower ingredients, and you'll find it at the top of the ingredients list on many of our cult-favorite products.

Beautiful calendula blossoms range in color from bright yellow to vibrant orange. The fresh, natural scent is distinctly herbal and resembles something like a mixture of sage and thyme with a hint of fresh mintiness. A deep inhale of Calendula will quickly have you feeling awake and invigorated. The plant is a perennial and is sometimes referred to as pot marigold, holigold, and mary bud.


In addition to its many healing and mystical uses, Calendula has been used to create beautiful botanical dyes over the years to create beautiful fabrics used for clothing and decor. Calendula officinalis is a member of the Asteraceae family, including daisies. It's native to the Eastern Mediterranean region and parts of Southern Europe but is now grown around the world for its ornamental and healing properties.

Celendula Field

Calendula has found a home in gardens everywhere and is used as an ingredient in supplements, teas, and of course, LAB.otanica skin care. It's rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. If you're looking for the perfect dose of herbal magic year-round, consider incorporating Calendula into your routine. 

Traditional Uses for Calendula

Around the world, Calendula has been viewed as a sacred and mystical plant. Along with its medicinal properties and culinary uses, it has been used as a holy offering in celebrations that honor the sun, solstices, and various sun gods. Calendula's associations with solar gods and celebrations probably have something to do with the fact the flowers open each morning and follow the sun as it moves throughout the sky - much like sunflowers. 


They were viewed as a symbol of joy by the ancient Romans. In the Hindu faith, calendula flowers are often fashioned into garlands that are placed on sacred statues and deities. In Mexico and Central America, calendula flowers are usually given as offerings to the spirits of beloved ancestors during Dias de los Muertos celebrations - they are often associated with remembrance.


Traditionally, Calendula flowers were often used in marriage ceremonies to bestow joy and luck on newly wedded couples and to protect them from envy and ill wishes. In almost all of the cultures where Calendula occurs, it has some sort of association with sun, light, and joy.

Image of Calendula Flower

Calendula Medicinal Properties


Holistic medicinal practitioners and herbalists have found that Calendula has significant medical uses. It has excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It is believed to be an antioxidant and can support the immune system.


A few conditions that Calendula may help with include healing wounds and skin conditions like rashes, stings, insect bites, and burns. It can help bring down swelling associated with skin issues and can even be used to treat things like chickenpox and cold sores. Breastfeeding mothers with painfully cracked nipples may benefit from a moisturizer with Calendula – and also use the salve to treat diaper rash on babies.


Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, a Calendula mouthwash may help soothe things like irritated gums, thrush, and periodontal disease. 

Medicinal Calendula Herb

According to herbalists, there is also evidence that Calendula can help with lung ailments like respiratory infections. It helps to cleanse and boost the lymphatic system in the body, which in turn can boost the immune system.


Medicinally, Calendula is often brewed into a healing tea or broth. It can be made into a poultice and applied as a compress directly to the skin. It's the perfect flower to elevate a beautiful bath ritual as well!

Plant Magic Properties of Calendula

As we mentioned, Calendula was often associated with the sun, solar deities, and light in ancient cultures, so it is often used in magical practices involving the sun, fire, summer, and light. It can be used to help call in extra confidence before a big meeting, test, or presentation.

Some people use calendula flowers to help encourage love, affection, and understanding, such as between a couple after an argument or early in a relationship. Possibly because of its skincare benefits, it is also used in beauty spells and glamor magic.

Labotanica Product Shoot

Calendula is also believed to help bring about more psychic awareness and has been used to help encourage prophecy and divination. Some believe placing a bag of calendula flowers under the pillow will help to promote dream magic. Others use Calendula to help see people's auras. Cultures that believe in the fae, or faeries, believe that Calendula is a favorite plant of theirs and often leave it as an offering.

Calendula Magical Properties

  • Love
  • Beauty 
  • Solar Energy
  • Health

  • Confidence
  • Remembrance
  • Protection
  • Joy

Skincare Benefits

There's a reason why Calendula is one of LAB.otanica's signature ingredients - it is packed full of skin-soothing goodness. Calendula helps to soothe skin conditions like acne, eczema, and irritation due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It's an excellent ingredient for anyone with sensitive skin but works wonders for all skin times. It helps to keep skin moist and supple by reducing water loss from the skin.


Since Calendula has antioxidant properties, it works well to help reduce oxidative stress on the skin. Oxidation is basically the process that happens when we are exposed to free radicals and can cause premature aging. UV radiation from the sun and pollution are examples of free radicals that might damage the skin.


Calendula is full of potent antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids, which can all help protect the skin from free radicals and help keep your skin looking beautiful and youthful naturally.

Calendula petals under the eye


So many of our cult-favorite products contain Calendula as a main ingredient due to its skincare benefits. For a full body experience, try out Ceremonial Luxury Body Oil with Sweet almond oil infused with calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), babassu oil (Attalea

martiana), avocado oil (Persea gratissima), moringa oil (Moringa oleifera), vitamin E, and essential oils. 


Wash your face with our Revelation Bi-Phase Rose Cleansing Oilfor the deepest clean. It's made with rose hydrosol (Rosa), jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis seed oil), sweet almond oil (Prunus dulcis) infused with calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), vitamin E, tocopheryl acetate, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerine, sorbic acid, lavender essential oil, amethyst.


Other LAB.otanica products that contain Calendula includeClear-Voyant Facial Toning Mist and B-Magic Skin Regeneration Cream. To harness the ultimate skin-loving power of Calendula, consider trying them all!

Three ways to harness the Plant Magic of Calendula

Brew a soothing cup of calendula tea.

Calendula tea can be a wonderful way to take in the healing benefits of this plant. Brewing tea with calendula flowers is super simple and can use either fresh or dry flowers. Simply cover the flowers with simmering hot water and allow them to steep for 15-20 minutes. Afterward, strain out the petals, and you can sip the tea.


The tea will taste slightly bitter, but it is worth sipping it for its health benefits, and you can always add some honey to taste. It may even help heal any mouth issues like painful gums. Sip your tea, then reserve any extra for other medicinal purposes.

Calendula Tea and Flower
Add calendula flowers to an herbal bath ritual.

If you need a boost, calendula flowers are the perfect skin-loving ingredient to include in a bath ritual. Bring some solar energy into your routine with these bright and lively flowers. 

These are an especially great addition to your bath when you need to increase feelings of happiness and positivity, or you're looking for an increase in confidence before an important event.

Calendula also works great in a bath to celebrate solstices and to honor the sun throughout the year. You can use fresh blossoms during the summer solstice and set some aside to dry for use during the winter solstice.

Incorporate Calendula into your skincare routine everyday

Incorporate Calendula into your skincare routine everyday.

Clearly, Calendula is truly a botanical superhero when it comes to healing and protecting your skin, and using the herb topically through skincare products is one of the best ways to harness its unique herbal magic. With LAB.otanica products, you can use gentle Calendula every day to help fight acne, inflammation, skin irritation, and more.

We hope you enjoy experiencing our signature flower-powered ingredient as much as we enjoy creating beautiful skincare rituals with Calendula. We wish you blessings, confidence, and beauty!

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Created in Synergy with Amanda Morgan & Meleesa Luna

Meleesa Ferris
Meleesa Ferris

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