Anti-Aging vs Aging Well Naturally

August 11, 2023

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Is it just us, or does it feel like we are constantly under pressure to remain forever young? More than ever before, we are pressured to filter our authentic selves and pump our faces full of Botox, filler, and other injections, and beauty procedures to give the appearance and hold on to youthful skin. While we have nothing against those who choose to utilize modern medical procedures, we believe that aging is natural - it's part of life! We are here to embrace the journey.

With so much pressure to appear young forever, you may be asking yourself if there is really a way to stop aging. The answer is - not entirely. There is no way to stop the clock or turn back time, but through loving ourselves and taking great care of our bodies and our skin, we can certainly slow down the aging process in order to age gracefully. 


Instead of viewing our changing skin and bodies as something that needs to be morphed at all costs, we invite you to embrace  it's possible to nourish your skin with healthy, natural products that can help slow down the aging process while keeping your body and  skin healthy.


When all we desire is to look young, we may forget to nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits. Letting go of the anti-aging craze in favor of aging gracefully involves accepting and loving ourselves as we are and ultimately embracing wisdom, experience, and growth as we grow older.


By nourishing your body with healthy food, gentle self care and your skin with all-natural herbal skincare, you'll feel vibrant on the inside and look beautiful on the outside. You can find joy in accepting the aging process while still taking nourishing and honoring  excellent care of your body and skin, without all the harsh chemicals that mainstream beauty standards tend to push on us starting as early as our 20s.

If you're looking for a nourishing and natural herbal  beauty ritual to help slow the signs of aging and embrace your authentic natural beauty - start with your skincare. With the power of plant magic, you can look and feel your best at any age!

“Aging does not diminish our beauty, it merely transforms it. It is not just about changing how we look on the outside, it’s about radiating from within.” - Meleesa Luna, founder of Lab.OTANICA

Start with what you put in your body


The first step to aging gracefully is to pay mindful attention to what you put in your body. You want to treat your body like a sweet  home you will live in for many years, love it, shift the energy in it, maintain it constantly, add little upgrades to it, take good care of it and keep it clean! Choose clean, whole foods, and make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Choosing a diet full of whole foods is a well known way to help slow the signs of aging and keep your body feeling energized and looking vibrant. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Blue Zones found around the world. The Blue Zones are areas around the globe where people live longer than average. Scientists believe these extra long lifespans are a result of environment, climate, lifestyle, and diet. People that live inBlue Zones tend to eat a diet of whole foods, seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.


Remember to include plenty of healthy fats! Fatty foods like avocados are full of fatty acids that help keep skin supple, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins K, C, K, A, and B, and potassium.


Salad with Egg, chickpeas, lettuce and onions.

Their high vitamin A content helps the skin shed dead skin, revealing the new youthful skin beneath. They help to fight inflammation, and they taste delicious! Enjoy avocados in smoothies, on salads, or spread on toast. Opt for homemade guacamole at your next dinner party with friends as a tasty treat!

Papaya is another fantastic food for aging gracefully. Papaya is native to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica (just like LAB.otanica) and is full of antioxidants and vitamins that may help to improve the signs of aging. The superfood is believed to help boost skin elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Papaya contains vitamins A, C, K, and E and calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and B vitamins. Papaya tastes great all on its own, but you can add it to bowls with yogurt and granola, smoothies, or oatmeal for a delicious treat in the morning.


In addition to filling up your plate with plenty of nourishing fruits and vegetables each and every day, make sure to drink plenty of water. Proper hydration helps to keep skin glowy, youthful, and moisturized from the inside out.



Papaya with oranges and limes

Reduce your stress levels


Studies show that stress can accelerate the aging process, and unfortunately this modern world we live in can be a stressful place to exist. With the constant bombardment of advertisements for products that insist we need to stay young forever, even thinking about anti-aging can be a source of stress!


Stress can quickly lead to inflammation which can damage our DNA cells and eventually expedite the aging process and increase the signs of aging. One of the best ways to ensure that you age gracefully is to reduce your daily stress levels and remove yourself from situations that continuously bring you negative energy.

Happy people vibrate differently, and their beauty and vibrantly joyful energy shines through in each and every smile. Surround yourself with things that bring you good energy and positive vibrations. Remove toxicity from your life as much as possible and do things that bring you joy. From creativity, to juicy movement, to spirituality - living a life that is in alignment with your soul will keep you feeling young for much longer.


Consider trying a new fun activity that will help you reduce stress. Attend a new yoga class, dance around your home, or go for a walk in nature. Try to move your body intentionally and with joy each and every day.  We invite you to create intentional practices of self love and kindness towards self. Practice mindfulness to help you feel youthful and beautiful.

Community, friendships, and connection help us to feel our best and relieve stress. Cultivate strong relationships and an interconnected community throughout your life, because they become especially important as you age. Studies show that friendships can even help improve overall health, boost your overall well-being, and perhaps even help you live longer according to studies. Spending time with people who bring you peace also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, so that you can live more joyfully and feel your best.

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Natural Skincare for Anti-Aging 

For beautiful luminous skin at every age, a simple yet effective skincare routine. You'll always want to start with a nice gentle cleanser that won't dry out the skin. For the most gentle clean, try LAB.botanica's Bi-Phase Rose Cleansing Oil. It's formulated with anti-aging herbs like rose and calendula in a blend of rich oils like sweet almond and jojoba.


Not only will it cleanse your skin of makeup, dirt, and impurities, but it will leave your skin feeling dewy and hydrated. The anti-aging herbs help to increase cellular renewal and boost collagen while calming and hydrating the skin.

After cleansing, apply a gentle non-drying toner like Clear-Voyant facial toning mist. It can help calm inflamed skin with the power of herbal skincare while further hydrating the skin. It's made with lavender and rose to help calm the skin.

Moisturizing will be the most essential step in skincare routines for mature skin. If you're feeling particularly dry, you can double up on moisturizer and use an oil and a cream. Start with the oil, which will sink deep into pores and mimic the skin's natural barrier. Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil is rich in Vitamin C from seabuckthorn and passion fruit to which is known to help repair UV damage. Its anti-aging benefits range from increased collagen production to balancing hyperpigmentation.

After massaging your skin with the oil, seal everything in with our luxurious B-Magic Skin Regeneration Cream. The ultimate anti-aging powerhouse, this cult-favorite natural face moisturizer really locks everything in. It's formulated with a beautiful blend of sweet almond oil and calendula flowers known  to repair dry and irritated skin. It's a non-toxic skincare superhero that is known to help with everything from minimizing lines to soothing cracks, cuts, and burns.


Facial Massage for Anti-Aging


Facial massage has been popular in cultures around the world for generations, but it is just starting to gain popularity in the United States, especially among wellness enthusiasts. Facial massage works wonders and can really help to shape the face and reduce the signs of aging by cleansing the lymphatic system, reducing inflammation, and encouraging cellular regeneration.


If you've ever wondered how to do a lymphatic massage on your face, you'll be thrilled by how easy the process is - and how quickly you can see the results. Simply find the lymph drainage points (like where your jaw bone meets your neck, and gently massage downwards towards your neck.


Slowly move up your face focusing on lymph vessels, and repeat as often as desired. For best results, try to give yourself a facial massage at least three times per week.


Fall in love with the skin you live in! We invite you to try the high vibration herbal skin care of Lab.OTANICA for healthy, natural skincare that will help you age gracefully for years to come. 

“Aging is a natural part of our existence. It’s a rhythm, it’s a dance….aging does not have to be something we fear.” - Meleesa Luna, Founder of Lab.OTANICA

With the right combination of wellness, joy, and self-love, your beauty will sparkle throughout all the phases of your life.Beauty is a vibration - it comes from our hearts and our spirits.Embrace your gorgeous natural looks and take good care of your body, mind, and spirit to age gracefully! Pura Vida, beauties! 


Created in Synergy with Amanda Morgan & Meleesa Luna

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