Five Tips for Glowing Skin

June 01, 2023

Two Hands In Water

When it comes to achieving naturally luminous skin - the kind that makes you glow from the inside out - hydration is key. If you’re suffering from dull and tired-looking skin - it’s likely the first sign that your skin is dehydrated. 

You might notice that your skin feels tight and flaky and that fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles appear more pronounced. The good news is that with the right steps, you’ll be able to rehydrate your skin relatively quickly. By taking the right skin care steps, you’ll achieve that dewy and hydrated glow before you know it!  

Before we get started discussing the best ways to hydrate your skin, let’s discuss what it means to have dehydrated skin and what causes it. Some people have a naturally dry skin type, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between dry skin that occurs due to genetics and skin that is dehydrated due to lifestyle and environmental factors. 

Dry skin will feel flaky and itchy and is prone to redness and inflammation.

Dehydrated skin lacks the appropriate water content. It will appear dull and feel very tight. Wrinkles, lines, and dark circles may appear pronounced when your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can be the result of aging, not drinking enough water and harsh chemicals in products you’re putting on your skin. 

Your surroundings also play a role in the health of your skin - environmental factors like pollution, climate, and sun exposure all affect how much moisture the skin is able to retain. 

In both scenarios skin hydration and moisturization are crucial! So what can you do to rejuvenate dull, tired, dehydrated skin? Perform these rituals regularly to refresh and hydrate your skin. Building a healthy, all-natural skin-care routine and sticking with it will work wonders over time, but you should see healthier-looking skin in just a few days!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Skin health starts from the inside, so it’s super important that you’re drinking enough water. We know you’ve heard how important it is to drink enough water for your body - and the health of your skin is no exception.

Drinking enough water can be challenging, and many of us opt for beverages that dehydrate our skin even further, like coffee and alcohol. It’s okay to indulge in your morning cup of joe - but throughout the day make sure you are drinking plenty of water as well as snacking on moisture-rich fruits and veggies and fatty acids.

As a general recommendation, adults should drink 64 oz of water per day - or 8 glasses.The exact amount of water varies based on age, sex, activity level, and lifestyle. If you’re someone who exercises frequently and sweats often, you might consider drinking even more water.

Herbal teas are a wonderful alternative to coffee. Chamomile tea, blackberry leaf tea, and nettle tea are just a few options that can help increase skin hydration.

When choosing a snack, consider grabbing a hydrating fruit or veggie. Sweet watermelon, crunchy cucumber, and juicy tomatoes are a few wonderful options to keep you hydrated. Eating a diet rich in essential fatty acids can also help because they are responsible for the skin’s natural oil barrier. Fish, avocados, flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts are a few amazing sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Prioritize getting your beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is a real thing. When we sleep our bodies are working hard to repair themselves from the stresses of everyday life, and our skin thrives when we get enough shut eye.

While we sleep, our skin repairs and replaces our natural lipid barrier and resets our Ph balance. A sleep deficit can deprive your skin of the opportunity to repair itself overnight, leaving skin looking dull, tired, and dehydrated when you wake up in the morning. It also can lead to less bacterial resistance, moisture loss, redness, and free radical damage.

For optimal skin health, aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night. Seven hours of sleep is the bare minimum recommended amount of sleep for adults, allowing us to pass through all of the sleep stages. Prioritizing sleep will ensure that you and your skin are feeling fresh each morning.


3. Ditch Products with harsh chemicals that dehydrate your skin

For healthy skin that glows, it’s important to choose all-natural products that nourish your skin. Have you ever read the back of many of the supermarket skincare products? They are full of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients like parabens and sulfates that strip your skin and cause all kinds of skin problems.

If you haven’t already hopped on the clean beauty bandwagon, it’s time to consider ditching those harmful products and opting for clean and natural alternatives that benefit your skin, body, and the environment instead of the toxin-packed big brands that strip your skin of its natural moisture content.

For the sake of your skin, it is best to use gentle, botanical cleansers whenever you need to wash your faceLAB.OTANICA’s Bi-Phase Cleansing Oil is perfect for a gentle daily cleanser.It’s packed with hydrating ingredients like rose oil and floral water which can help cleanse away dirt and makeup without stripping the moisture from your skin. A blend of powerful oils and botanicals like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and calendula flowers hydrate and calm the skin and ensure that your skin days are glowy and luminous.

Lavender, Calendula, Aloe Vera, and Calendula

4. Treat yourself to a hydrating facial at home

Is there anything as luxurious and rejuvenating as a facial? Unfortunately, trips to the spa can be insanely expensive, and time constrictive. On those days when your skin needs a little extra love and feels dull, dehydrated, and tired creating a hydrating facial at home is the perfect solution!

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Labotanica Products featuring Amethyst and Rose

Cleansing your skin is one of the most important steps in any facial. You’ll want to remove all of the dirt, makeup, and pollutants that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Start with a deep, double cleanse. First, remove make-up and pollutants with Clearity Micellar Cleansing Floral Water,and then follow up with Bi-Phase Cleansing Oil. Make sure to wash thoroughly, massaging the cleanser into your skin with warm water to help open your pores and release any dirt that is stuck to the skin. Wipe away any remaining oil with a cloth or towel that has been dampened with warm water. 

Step 2: Exfoliate 

Dry skin can be quite flaky - but over-exfoliation can actually further damage dehydrated skin. Avoid using any type of harsh exfoliant. A simple solution of baking soda and water acts as the perfect gentle exfoliant on the face. Simply place a little of the paste on your fingers and rub it in circular motions before rinsing. 

Step 3: Steam 

Chamomile Flowers

Help to open your pores and hydrate your skin through facial steam. The best method is to boil water over the stove and then pour it into a large glass bowl. You can add a few drops of essential oils or sprinkle in some herbs like chamomile or lavender for a more spa-like experience. Position your face over the bowl and use a towel over your head to create a little tent. Allow your skin to absorb the steam for 5-15 minutes. 

Step 4: Massage your face

Green Jade Face Roller and Gua Sha

Once you have cleansed, exfoliated, and steamed your skin to open pours it is time to really indulge your skin with a soothing massage. Use several drops of Alchemic Brightening Facial Oilalong with a jade facial roller or a Gua Sha stone if you have one. Your fingers and hands also work fine! 

Step 5 : Tone

Herbal Face Toner and its Benefits

After your facial massage, it’s time to add a few spritzes of Clear-Voyant Facial Toning Mist. This botanical toner will help balance congested skin and heal blemishes. It hydrates and adds a gorgeous dewy glow.  

Step 6: Lock it all in with a gorgeous moisturizer

For dry and dehydrated skin, we recommend using an oil-based moisturizer. It may seem like overkill, but the oil with deeply penetrate into your pours, while the cream moisturizer will seal all of the goodness into your skin. Massage Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil into the skin in order to improve hydration and boost collagen and lock all of your other skincare into place. Your skin will appear glowing and moisturized, allowing your inner beauty to shine through! 

5. Reduce Stress

Women Laying in Field Surrounded by Nature and Flowers

We all know that stress and anxiety will wreak havoc on the body over time - but did you know that it can actually damage your skin? Stress can seriously dry out your face. When we are stressed our body enters flight-or-flight and our adrenaline and cortisol levels spike causing us to sweat more which dehydrates our skin.

Prolonged stress can get in the way of rejuvenation because stress hormones break down the collagen and elastin in our skin - which in turn speeds up the aging process. For the healthiest skin possible, practice mindfulness daily in order to fight stress and maintain a sense of inner peace. 

Try out yoga, breathwork, and meditation to help fight stress so that you can deeply relax and allow your skin to rejuvenate. A mindful, wellness-focused, lifestyle will increase feelings of calm and happiness - and happiness is the ultimate way to achieve a healthy glow. 

At LAB.OTANICA we believe in taking a holistic approach when it comes to your skin. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, so it’s important to make sure that you are nourishing yourself from the inside out. Choose healthy and hydrating food and beverages, prioritize sleep, and create plenty of time for relaxation and self-care. 

Most importantly, choose skincare products that are formulated with safe, natural, and nourishing ingredients. LAB.OTANICA products are formulated with natural botanical ingredients so that you can indulge in a skincare ritual that does not expose you to harsh chemicals and toxins. With the power of plant magic, you’ll be glowing inside and out! 

Created in Synergy with Amanda Morgan & Meleesa Luna


Meleesa Ferris
Meleesa Ferris

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