Moon Cycle Skincare - 4 Ways to Support Your Skin as Hormones Shift

September 28, 2023

Moon and Sun with Lavender

The moon has long been associated with our inner worlds and the divine feminine in cultures throughout the world. The moon is often associated with feminine energies or deities, whereas the sun is often associated with male energies or deities. It’s easy to see why as the moon’s many phases seem to mirror the cycles within the bodies of people who have periods. 

Throughout the month the moon moves through four phases; the new moon, the waxing moon, the full moon, and the waning moon. Similarly, menstruation cycles move through menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase. Over time, many menstrual cycles even sync up to the moon, with certain cycles occurring at a particular moon phase each and every month. Throughout these phases, the hormones of the bodies shift and change, which can affect everything from our moods to our skin.

If you’re struggling with problems like hormonal breakouts throughout your cycle, it’s important to learn how to gently and lovingly tend to your skin throughout the month, while supporting your hormonal shifts. Here at LAB.OTANICA, we believe in beauty rituals and self-care practices that are in harmony with nature and honor your body's cycles. Through listening to your body’s needs, you can obtain beautiful, healthy skin throughout your moon cycle.


How hormones affect the skin

At some point, most people who have a period have experienced the dreaded period breakout, so you’re likely already familiar with the idea that hormones can affect your skin. Hormonal acne occurs most often in adolescence but it can continue to progress throughout adulthood – it can be painful and frustrating to experience these symptoms each and every month.

Hormones that fluctuate throughout our monthly moon cycle and as we age have a huge impact on our skin. From pregnancy to periods, and even throughout menopause these changing hormones can cause all kinds of skincare concerts. Specific hormones will affect your skin in different ways.

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During our periods, changing levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can cause a variety of skin concerns. When hormone levels are their lowest during our actual period skin can appear much drier, whereas during the luteal phase at the end of our cycle (right before the period begins) it is rising testosterone levels that often lead to the period break out. 


Estrogen rises and reaches it’s peak during the middle part of the cycle, right around the time you ovulate, and skin will look the most luminous and healthy during this time. 

Similarly, during pregnancy estrogen and progesterone levels rise, which may be why you’ve probably heard people tell a pregnant person that they are glowing at some point. The skin tends to look glowy as these hormones increase. Sometimes, these hormones can often lead to hyperpigmentation issues such as melasma, which is a darkening of the skin above the upper lip. 


During menopause, estrogen levels decrease which affects the way the skin produces collagen. The lack of collagen leads to concerns like loss of facial volume, thinning skin, and wrinkles. 

Luckily, most of these skincare concerns can be managed with natural remedies like a healthy diet and a great botanical skincare routine.

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4 ways to support your skin during hormonal changes

Paying attention to your cycle and hormonal changes can help you to better nourish your skin during each individual phase. If you are still having your period, consider tracking your cycle to learn which phase you are in during which parts of the month. You may want to pay attention to the moon as an easy way to gauge your monthly cycles as well. Once you know when your various phases occur, you’ll begin to notice the way your skin behaves during each period. Each phase lasts about a week. 

1. Moisturize dry skin during your menstrual phase 

As hormone levels reach their lowest point during menstruation, your skin may feel dry, tight, and flaky. It’s a good idea to moisturize extra during this period and use a light gentle cleanser to avoid stripping your skin. Consider moisturizing a few times a day with a rich botanical cream like B-Magic Skin Regeneration Cream to keep skin luminous and glowy.


2. Nourish your skin more during your luteal phase

During your luteal phase, hormonal breakouts are going to the most common along with other frustrating symptoms like mood swings, cramps, and water retention or bloating. During this phase it is important to take extra care of your skin.


Make sure that you are loyal to your skincare routine throughout the luteal portion of the month, and never skip washing your face thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to use gentle products during this period to avoid irritating your skin which could increase acne breakouts. Consider doing a double cleanse with Revelation Bi-Phase Rose Cleansing Oilto draw the dirt out of your pores. Refresh throughout the day with Clearity Micellar Cleansing Floral Water to help skin stay calm and clear of breakouts. Soothing lavender helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety associated with PMS.

3. Prepare your skin for hormone decreases as you age

Prepare your skin for the changes it will undergo during perimenopause and  menopause by wearing a high quality sunscreen throughout your life and engaging in practices like gua sha facial massages and plenty of nourishing moisturizing skin care everyday. You should use your gua sha along with a high quality oil like our Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil. It’s full of incredible ingredients like Passion fruit which acts as a melanin inhibitor to help reduce age spots along with linoleic acid to lock in skin moisture. Anti-inflammatory sea buckthorn is rich in fatty acids and omegas. It acts as a natural retinol alternative and Vitamin C serum all in one to help boost collagen production and brighten skin.


Clear Voyant Rose Facial Toning Mist is another incredible product to support aging skin and is excellent for keeping skin moist and supple throughout your day. It also helps to calm hot flashes and cool the skin with the plant power of rose flowers. This will help your skin to stay thick and supple as hormone levels drop. Once you begin to experience menopause it's a good idea to up your collagen intake, which can be done with supplements or simply through eating foods rich in collagen like fish, chicken, berries, and egg whites.

4. Consider incorporating hormone balancing herbs 

If you’re struggling with hormonal skin changes month after month, it may be time to incorporate some herbal remedies to help assist with balancing your hormones throughout your moon cycle. Remember to always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new herbal remedy, especially if you think you might be pregnant or hope to become pregnant in the near future.

One of the most popular herbs to help balance the hormones is called Chasteberry, or agnus castus. This plant is being used as a main ingredient in countless popular period supplements like FLO and Moody Bird. This powerful plant might help the pituitary gland to increase progesterone production which can help avoid hormonal imbalances associated with PMS.


Calendula is another wonderful herb to support your cycle. It may help reduce inflammation which works great on the skin – it is one of our favorite herbs to include in LAB.OTANICA products. Internally it may be used to help relieve menstrual cramps.


Dandelion root is another wonderful plant for support during your cycle. It is a diuretic which means it can help to flush out fluids, toxins, and excess hormones. It may also help relax the uterus and ease bloating and water retention.


Your body mirrors the cycles that can be found in the natural world all around us. From the phases of the moon to the changing of the seasons, to the hormonal cycles of your body - we are all connected. As your hormone levels fluctuate, nourish yourself with extra love and self-care. 


Slow down and listen to what your body needs during each specific phase, and take a few moments to indulge yourself with LAB.OTANICA skin care. We’d love to invite you to join our community by following us on instagram and signing up for our newsletter. 

Pura Vida, loves!

Meleesa Ferris
Meleesa Ferris

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