Balance the Glow Bundle

We see healthier skin in your future when you use this beauty bundle in your daily skincare ritual. Cleanse skin with Clearity, tone with Clear-Voyant, and nourish and hydrate Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil to balance oil production, reduce inflammation, and restore the skin's biome. This bundle was intentionally designed to bring balance to your skin. Use for at least 4 weeks to see the best results. Remember, real change takes time 🙌🏽

Clearity: This cleansing floral water draws out dirt and provides moisture while leaving your skin visibly clean and clear. The natural aroma is exotic, yet has calming and anxiety-relieving properties. Energetically charged with clear quartz crystals known for clarity, purity, and light.

Clear-Voyant: This clear-voyant facial toning mist is known to balance congested, blemished, and inflamed skin with its flower-powered tonic. In addition to tonifying pores and promoting healthy circulation, clear-voyant is a favorite when it comes to hydrating and resetting your glow. It can also be used as a setting makeup spray if you just want a quick refresh or feel dull and dry.

Alchemic: This lightweight yet luxurious brightening facial oil is known to deeply hydrate, boost collagen production, calm inflammation, and balance hyperpigmentation. This beautiful blend of botanical ingredients, including passion fruit, sea buckthorn, and marula, has been shown to repair damage caused by UV exposure, visibly plumping and balancing the skin.