Mama Divina Bundle

Divinely created for the expectant mama from pregnancy through postpartum. Skin and hair will glisten with our Mama Glow and Lunar Hair Potion duo to address common issues during this time, like skin elasticity, stretch marks, and hair loss. We invite you to massage your belly, crown and hair locks to help these potions work their magic.

Lunar Hair Potion: This dreamy formula is carefully crafted to nourish hair follicles as well as soothe and condition the scalp. For your hair, it enhances shine, controls frizz, tames flyaways, and reconditions hair from heat and environmental damage. Additionally, this product offers support to anyone struggling with hair loss, whether it's from hormonal issues, trauma, or other life events.

Mama Glow: This luxurious non-toxic belly oil is formulated to improve the elasticity, tone, and firmness of the skin during this glowing and growing time. It’s known to enhance collagen production, smooth skin texture, and reduce inflammation and help minimize stretch marks.