The Best Herbal Skincare Routine for Summer

July 28, 2023

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Nothing says summer like skin that is plump, hydrated, and glowy from the inside out. If you’re looking for that beautiful luminous summer look, without having to resort to loads of makeup, it could be a great time to switch up your summer skincare routine.

WIth clean herbal skincare products, you can easily achieve that natural glow that comes with healthy and hydrated skin. Cultivating an all-natural summer skincare ritual with healing herbal ingredients can help lock in moisture, heal, and balance the skin for the perfect summer look.

Make Up Removing Cleanser

Step 1: Cleanse your skin with a gentle hydrating cleanser

Every great skincare routine starts with a great cleanser. Wash away excess sweat, dirt, and pollution that may have accumulated on your skin throughout your day or as you slept as a first step. We recommend cleansing your skin morning and night with our Revelation Bi-Phase Rose Cleansing Oil.

This luxurious oil cleanser combines the power of Calendula and rose infused oil and floral water to help remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities from the skin. Unlike harsh chemical cleansers, it won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture. Rose, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and calendula flowers help to calm irritated skin, boost collagen, and heal damaged skin leaving your skin clean and dewey.

Step 2: Boost skin with vitamin C moisturizing oil that does double duty

If you add one step to your summer skincare routine, make it a Vitamin C rich oil. Vitamin C can help protect your skin from free radicals that are present in UV rays from the sun as well as the negative effects of pollution.

Nourish your skin with a few drops of our Alchemic Brightening Facial Oilwhich consists of a blend of passion fruit, sea buckthorn, and marula to help repair damage and brighten the skin. Buckthorn berries are extremely rich in Vitamin C containing even more than oranges, while passion fruit seeds are full of Vitamin A. Rub the oil into your palms and gently pat into the skin and then indulge yourself with a few minutes of facial massage using your fingers or a Gua Sha facial massage tool.

Alchemic Brightening Facial Oil is perfect for all skin types for perfectly smooth, plumb, and healthy skin. Keep in mind that you should always use SPF after applying a Vitamin C serum!

Step 3. Hydrate with a gentle spritz

Clear Voyant Facial Toning Mistis one of our cult favorite summer superstars. We always have ours close at hand throughout the summer months as it provides the perfect mid-day refresh when you’re running around in the summer heat. It’s full of roses which are great for red or inflamed skin and calming lavender that helps soothe the skin after summer sun or during travel.

Clear Voyant helps to keep your skin clear from blemishes and balances inflamed or acne prone skin. It helps to tone the pores and increases circulation. You can use Clear Voyant before you apply moisturizer, as well as after you apply your makeup as a setting spray.

Step 4. Moisturize

During the humid summer months, some people choose to skip moisturizing their skin, but your skin still needs moisture regardless of the season and a high quality creamy moisturizer can help lock in your skin's natural hydration for the perfect glow. Warm weather, pollution, and excess sunlight can actually evaporate skin's natural moisture leading to cracked and damaged skin, so it's important not to skip this crucial step.

Choose a gentle moisturizer like ourB-Magic Skin Regeneration Cream which is formulated with magical botanicals like calendula flowers to help repair cracked, dry, or irritated skin. B-Magic helps form a protective layer over the skin to lock in moisture and is believed to contain antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties to help combat breakouts. B-Magic is the ultimate summer skin cream as it also helps soothe cuts, burns, and bug bites.

Step 5: Apply SPF

If you’re going to be spending time outside this summer, investing in a good quality sunscreen is a must. Time spent in direct sunlight is healthy for our bodies, minds, and spirits - but UV (ultra -violet)  rays can damage skinand cause premature aging as well as skin cancer. We don’t recommend chemical sunscreens, but a nice mineral sunscreen helps to block and protect skin from the harsher rays. SPF should always be the final step in your skincare routine, right before you apply your makeup.

Step 5: Continue with your minimal summer make-up routine

Once your skin is cleansed, hydrated, and protected you can continue with your make-up routine, or simply go about your day beautifully bare-faced. During the summer months it's a good idea to stick to a minimal make-up routine and take into consideration your activities for the day.

If you’ll be out in hot humid weather, there is a good chance you’ll be sweating, so it may be necessary to re-apply make-up throughout the day. Stick to clean beauty products that are mutli-functional - like a nice skin tint with mineral SPF, or a cream blush that doubles as a pretty flush of color for the lips and yes.

Whenever you need to refresh you can simply spritz a few pumps of Clear Voyant for a fresh boost of moisture.

Bonus tip: Soothe your skin with natural aloe vera after sun exposure

For those days when you get a little extra sun, you can naturally soothe your skin with Aloe Vera. A good quality mineral sunscreen should protect your skin from burns, but if you do happen to feel a little rosy cheeked at the end of the day, aloe can help soothe irritation caused by the sun. Aloe Vera is full of a natural compound called aloin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help reduce redness and soothe sensitive skin.

We love keeping an Aloe Vera plant in our homes for minor cuts, burns, and bug bites, and protection. You can tear off a little piece from the plant and keep it in the refrigerator for a soothing skin treatment after you spend time in the sun.

Summer is such a beautiful time to enjoy nature, and with a clean botanical beauty routine you can incorporate nature’s healing powers into your skincare regimen. We wish a summer fool of abundance and self - love!

Pura vida!

Created in Synergy with Amanda Morgan & Meleesa Luna


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