Trust The Journey Intention Candle 8oz

born into a family of costa rican medicine women, i know there is power in ritual, which is why i created this trust the journey candle.

infused with the positive energy of the full moon and a keepsake crystal, this candle invites you to set your daily intention as you absorb its warm glow.

made from natural, fair trade ingredients, each hand-poured candle supports women artisans in making a brighter future in the u.s.

hold this candle close, take a deep breath, and let it go. let the first word that comes to mind be your intention. write it down, in the back, light it up, and let it shine.


8 oz :
● soy & coconut blend wax
● essential oil aroma
● no dyes or enhancers
● vegan
● fairtrade
● cruelty-free
● 60 hour clean burn
● phthalate-free
● keepsake crystal inside